QUELLE FEMME! (in English, "What a Woman!") is a platform that features articles, op-eds, poems, short stories and multimedia which specifically seeks to promote social, political and cultural issues under the larger themes of feminism, gender equality and intersectionality.  Our blog prioritises the power of the written word by encouraging each and every one of us to stand up against the social injustices they witness in the world and express their opinions in an honest and open manner.  

Inspired by the common French term that indicates praise, appreciation and celebration of women, the idea first began with a series of publications from Sciences Po's campus in 

Le Havre, Normandy in February 2019.

Note from the Editor:

"No matter who was speaking, we have gone about defending, arguing, posting and fighting, and have ignored that valid actions can only be taken when one excludes third parties, gossip and conflict- and just listens."

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