The test Hollywood is failing  

On women, movies and why they are oxymorons.

An article by Paola Lupi

Alcestis, Penelope & Griselidis

Professor Sophie Rochefort-Guillouet gives a short study on patience and self-sacrifice in the modern re-writing of the renowned myth of Alcestis, Penelope and Griselidis.

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The Guilty Feminist

Our writer and s(H)e Captain, Kyra Krall tells us about an interesting and insightful feminist podcast that has helped her understand the many dimensions and complexities in the Feminist Movement. Perhaps, that will help us understand some of those burning questions we have!

Phoebe Waller-Bridge: The Unsung Heroine


Madhul Sharma tells us about one of her favourite TV Shows. 'Fleabag' is an award-winning and critically acclaimed show that teaches us a lot about the struggles as well as triumphs of being an every-day woman. 

"...trying to love themselves, despite themselves - these are the stories of quiet suffering, a trait that has defined women for centuries."



Tanvi Gupta tells us about a young women's struggles and fears from the time she is a child till the time she grows up in this deeply moving and emotional poem. These fears and struggles are ultimately what makes us stronger. 

Following International Women's Day, the annual Vagina Monologues were held on March 7th. The Vagina Monologues are a series of theatre pieces by Eve Ensler reflecting on a wide array of topics from feminism, sexual experiences and relationships to honour killing, sexual assault and rape.

Camille Chabot, a first-year student, who performed a powerful monologue, reflects on her experience and what it means to her.


How Art Helped Me Understand Gender Identities

Constantin Lu takes us through a journey through art and pop culture as he highlights some of his observations and take-aways from understanding these intricate and complex histories of gender.