How can we expect change if we don't talk about it?

A note from Issey Kainer

The op-eds and articles uploaded here that have been written by the students of the LH campus are based on personal observations or experiences that they have witnessed during the formative years of their lives. Having only lived one-fifth of their lives, naïveté is not the impression that you will receive when reading these pieces.


A number of students at Sciences Po Paris have admitted that they have had to un-learn many fallacies after being confronted by the unfortunate backwardness of today's society. Quelle Femme! is providing a platform for our students to openly critique all corners of our social structures from all cultures, ranging from political participation and employment equality to social norms and familial expectations.



''What part of society prevents women from joining and excelling in major corporations, or rather, who is enforcing the glass ceiling seen in most companies even in the most developed countries?'', is the question that Gaute Oien Tollan asks his readers in his article!


Thoughts on catcalling

Paola Lupi outlines her experiences and insights about cat calling in a very powerful and deeply insightful way. She helps us understand the depth and magnitude of this problem and how entrenched it continues to be in our environments. 

SPEAK UP! On Female Participation

Mathilde Larive highlights the importance of female participation both in formal and informal settings. There needs to come a time when women can voice their concerns without being burned at the stake or ridiculed for their courage. 

Female Inmates:

A double sentence

''A necessary debate I strongly believe in and that no action justifies the ghastly experience that is incarceration. When the imprisonment frenzy meets the burden of patriarchal determinism, women are left in great distress, which is shadowed away,'' writes Sarah Le Ny who organised an event about prison awareness with the NGO Genepi

You Will Bear A Child

Perrine Arbitre highlights the insurmountable pressures of societal expectation and gender norms that are imposed on women to fulfill their roles as mothers and care givers. Despite the progress and headway that society has made, will we ever crumble this notion and let women have first and foremost, the freedom? 

IVF: What are we really talking about?

An insight into the life of a testube baby

Camille Chabot outlines a very unique and beautiful experience in this deeply moving and personal piece about growing up in a world that is slowly becoming progressive, but still has a long way to go with inclusivity and acceptance in many regards. She outlines the story of her birth reflects on her family's amazing journey thus far.