Sticks and stones may break may bones, but the scars of words cannot be seen.

You're on your period?

Objectively, you're just hotter now. Anorexia was the best thing to happen to you.

You know, fat chicks just aren't hot.

Wanna fuck?

Good thing you're pretty.

Why are you trying to gain weight?

hey, can you take notes for that meeting? Thanks! You'll be like my secretary!

It's so interesting that you're smart AND beautiful. Those usually don't line up.

That chair looks uncomfortable, why don't you sit on my face!?

You know, you're pretty for an Asian.



(Me, unable to move from my bed, throwing up from the pain and migraines, blacking out from blood loss) 


It's just your period, stop being so dramatic.

ArE u oN 
YouR PeRiOd?

"F E M I N A Z I"


(advice from my grandfather)


You should really get rid of that moustache.

Don't get all emotional and crazy bitch on me.

My high school teacher: This skirt looks so good on you. You should wear skirts more often. You'd look more lady-like.

Me: mmm, why are you commenting on my clothes?

Him: Oh, it's just for you. I'm just saying I like the way it fits you.

Yo, chill, I'm just joshing around.

Why don't you make yourself useful and suck my dick.

She was such a bitch.

(After he cheated with 4 different people):

"My ex was crazy– like actually psycho"

Why are you so needy? 

Just let it go.

Why do you have guys in your contacts?

It's not my fault – you didn't make me feel wanted, you didn't make me trust you.

She was just there.

I like girls who look like girls. Not some tranny.

Lighten up. I'm just joking... jeez.

I hope you get raped

Periods can't be that bad.

Let me show you how that machine works.

But in your case, it's not the same. You're not a real woman.


Some people experience things so much worse than rape and they still live normal lives, so you can too.

I think you're lying about your reasons. I mean, imagine the position you're putting me in right now. 

(when he got mad after trying to make a move on me and I turned him down.)

Just go on birth control.

(because it doesn't feel as good wearing a condom.)

You could be so pretty if you lost some weight.

(When I was 14, my geography teacher has just found out through one of the boys in my class that I was dating someone. We were studying a magazine cover of the Times with a half-naked Indian man on the cover.)

Do you want me to print the poster for you? Oh sorry, are Indian men not your type?

We're just casual, sweetheart... don't worry, you're the only one I'm seeing.

Compiled and Created by Angel Gu and Issey Kainer 

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