the beauty in diversity

Margot Despreaux highlights some of the struggles we have with body image and self-perception by reflecting on her own journey. Body positivity is a very difficult work-in-progress and it often takes us time to find ourselves on the right path. 


negative body positivity

"The militant determination to self-love and
self-accept is not based on solid ground and personally, I believe it can cause long-term mental harm, because you cannot force yourself to love something - or someone - that you don’t."

May Dittel writes about self-criticism as an important part of self-love.


the myth of beauty

Erica Chen reflects on the toxic and entrenched nature of beauty standards. She writes about an age-old question that continues to dominate the minds of every woman and has been a difficult path and work in progress. 

She asks her readers an important question in this powerful article, Is Morbid Thinness truly something we want?

Autism Therapy

Women & autism

Following Women’s International Day on March the 8th, the lesser-known World Autism Awareness Day was held on April the 2nd.


Understanding women with autism their daily challenges, and their living situation in our society will hopefully lead us to tackle discriminations towards gender as well as disability.

To shave or not to shave

"Do not comment on the way others choose to deal with their body hair; it’s their personal choice and perhaps just like me (and you?) they are struggling with this choice and your comment could be the tipping point of them giving up and surrendering to the patriarchy. Don’t assume this responsibility, don’t be that person."

By May Dittel